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Beauty from the Inside - Easy as A-B-C

Amazing natural skin beauty secrets to keep you glowing all summer long

Knowing how to keep skin youthful can often be confusing - so we are here to make it simple. Including the following magical substances in to your diet will make looking after your skin as easy as the alphabet: A = Alpha-lipoic Acid; Found predominately in Spinach, Broccoli and Cabbage, it is one of the very few antioxidants that is both fat and water soluble, meaning it can access all parts of the skin cell, giving it tremendous ability to neutralize free radicals as well as fighting against skin aging. B = Biotin, found primarily in Carrots, Tomatoes and Lettuce, it is also known as Vitamin H and works towards strengthening skin tissue by building and maintaining the lipid barrier of the skin; making skin appear firmer and smoother. C = Vitamin C, mother natures beauty Vitamin that can be found in most fruit and vegetables, particularly Green Peppers, Kiwis and Oranges. This amazing antioxidant not only helps to prevent damage to collagen and reduce fine lines, but also hydrates and brightens the skin, giving you a glowing complexion. So what are you waiting for - be radiant this summer! Teacher's hint: all 3 of these amazing Antioxidants are in DANIELE de WINTER's SHOTBEAUTE 1 Morning beauty drink. Easy....