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Rachel McAdams beauty news

for radiant, natural beauty

Rachel McAdams, star of this years 2011 Cannes Film Festival's opening film Midnight In Paris, received a luxury gift from DANIELE de WINTER before appearing on the red carpet, to help her beauty shine even more than usual. So how does she look so good? Her beauty secret is drinking maple syrup!! She claims it gives her the energy to tolerate her demanding day to day schedule, and puts exercise down to 'running through airports with pounds of luggage'; as well as yoga and jogging. Not keen on slurping syrup as a boost in the morning? Start your day with one of the following: Eggs, high in protein, they will prevent you craving a mid morning snack; Leafy greens - such as Spinach or Kale, blend in a smoothie or add into an omelet to kick start your day with all the essential fibers, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals; and of course Fruit. Whether they are rich in Fiber (Apples or Kiwis), Vitamin C (Oranges or Papaya) or antioxidant packed (Strawberries or Blueberries), they are guaranteed to start you off feeling fresh and full of energy!