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Kim Kardashian beauty secrets

Perfect beach beauty

Just Married TV goddess Kim Kardashian, who became a Daniele de Winter fan after receiving luxury beauty treatments at Monaco's TV Festival, is one of the best role models out there for curvacious women. Renowned for her fabulous figure, the star is another one of many who tried extreme dieting to slim down, but to no avail. Since accepting her gorgeous curves, she now controls her weight by including lots of macrobiotic food, such as soy, tofu and quinoa into her diet, which are all incredibly low calorie, and permit her to treat herself to the occasional cookie or kit kat. Exercise wise Kim keeps trim at the gym, targeting cellulite through cardio on the treadmill, lunges and squats. If you too are working to combat cellulite, then including similar exercises into your routine will help; particularly squats, which are key in toning legs.... Finally, a little help from the outside is provided by DANIELE de WINTER's Contours de Liane anti-cellulite body oil. This slimming, 100% botanical body oil includes Grapefruit, Cyprus and Black Pepper to stimulate fat elimination and nourish even the driest skin. So if like Kim Kardashian you just wish to keep looking more and more fabulous - then just go for it !