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Your Winter beauty booster

The energy enzyme!

As the weather gets colder and you turn up the heat indoors, your skin needs extra help to stay smooth and hydrated. In addition to a rich moisturizer (see CLAIR DE LUNE night cream) one ingredient can make a wonderful difference: Co-enzyme Q10. An 'oldie but a goodie': an enzyme, a mineral and an antioxidant all at the same time, Co-enzyme Q10 gives your skin energy, which means stronger cells, faster recovery from inflammation or damage, better moisture retention and significantly improved tone and elasticity. Co-enzyme Q10 works best INSIDEOUT: ie applied topically (see ENERGIE PURE high-antioxidant day cream) as well as taken internally through a supplement or by eating fish, organ meats (liver etc) and germinated whole grains..., For best results a supplement is easiest: aim for at least 10mg/day).