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Get your Vitamin C!

Your multi-tasking Antioxidant

If there is one Vitamin that is important for almost ALL aspects of your beauty and health... its Vitamin C : Vitamin C protects your heart, supports your immune system and accelerates healing. If you are not getting enough vitamin C you may be more susceptible to colds and minor ailments. Vitamin C also helps you absorb iron – and as according to various studies over 50% of women are anaemic, this is good to know! For maximum Vitamin C in your diet, eat lots of colorful fruits and vegetables like raspberries, blueberries, kiwi's, red & green peppers (bell peppers) and all green leafy salads & vegetables – especially watercress and rocket. A good, regular supply of Vitamin C is vital for healthy connective tissue – it strengthens your skin and helps prevent and reduce wrinkles, and is in fact an essential building block of new skin collagen, the protein of that makes up approx. 70% of young, healthy skin. A good supply is therefore vital for age-defying skin smoothness as we grow older. For a health-and- beauty-boosting supply of Vitamin C during colder, winter months, take a daily 1000mg Vitamin C supplement in addition to the Vitamin C in your diet; If you smoke this is even more beneficial, as your intake of Vitamin C is likely to be severely depeleted through all the free radicals created by each puff. Finally, for the beauty of your skin, use skincare that contains both Vitamins C and E (like ENERGIE PURE, deW's firming, antioxidant day cream), as Vitamins C & E work together to multiply each other's radiance boosting, antioxidant effect. PS. – you can’t take too much Vitamin C – as it is water soluble your body will simply eliminate any excess.