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A groundbreaking report just published in the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL confirms that the use of sunbeds significantly increases our risk of melanoma, a highly agressive form of skin cancer. The BMJ goes so far as to recommend completely banning the use of sunbeds to everyone below the age of 18 by law!

So how can we achieve that lovely, sunkissed look without accelerating skin aging or harming your health? Fake tan Ladies...  and to make sure you stay smooth, hydrated and Healthy, enjoy the sun for pleasure only, not to bake! Above all, always wear sunscreen on top of a layer of antioxidant moisturizer, eat lots of raw, colourful, antioxidant rich fruits & vegetables... and, ahem...  avoid sunbeds!

For full details of the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL report prepared by the Primary Care Dermatology Society (PCDS) on the risk of sunbeds, simply click on this link to the BRITISH MEDICAL JOURNAL.