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New reasons to lie in the sun while your children exercise outdoors. 

Women with the greatest sun exposure have an 80 percent reduced risk of breast cancer. Even if you were only in the sun lots as a teenager but less as an adult it can reduce your risk of breast cancer by 60% to 70% as an adult.

Due to lack of sunshine in Winter months and our obsession with sunscreen when we are in the sun, an estimated 70% of schoolchildren are Vitamin D3 deficient. Schoolchildren who get lots of sunshine or take Vitamin D3 supplements during Winter months are about half as likely to develop tooth decay and reduce their risk of the flu by about 50 percent compared to children who play mainly indoors. The flu protection provided by sunshine is actually far better than the protection provided by flu vaccines, which often miss the mark entirely and do not protect against 'current' strains of influenza at all. 

Children also benefit hugely from exercising outdoors : according to an ABC News report, children who joined a daily fitness program raced ahead of their classmated academically: students who worked out every morining and had access to exercise bikes and balls throughout the day nearly doubled their reading scores, and increased their maths scores 20-fold!

If you and your children live somewhere with very little sun then a Vitamin D3 supplement can really help : a supplement that combines Vitamin D3 with K2 is ideal as K2 enhances Vitamin D3 absorption. 



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