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Just in time for Christmas, a groundbreaking new study published in Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry gives hope to slimmers and everyone keen to manage their blood sugar levels. The study, carried out by a Korean laboratory reveals that Curcumin may provide a unique solution for overweight individuals by altering the composition of fat cells in their bodies from harmful “white fat” into calorie-burning “brown fat” cells.  In the new study titled, "Curcumin induces brown fat-like phenotype in 3T3-L1 and primary white adipocytes," Korean researchers established for the first time that Curcumin is able to transform “white fat” cells (adipocytes) into much healthier brown fat through a broad range of separate mechanisms.

On top of this amazing benefit, Curcumin also helps stabilize blood sugar and has been shown in multiple clinical trials to prevent the onset of diabetes in people with high blood sugar[i]. Curcumin improves insulin receptor function by strengthening its binding capacity to sugar. Curcumin also has the ability to modulate sugar uptake and utilization in the bloodstream.

Curcumin furthermore reduces the activity of specific liver enzymes that release sugar into the bloodstream while activating enzymes that store sugar as glycogen (which is what we want). The net result is that blood sugar levels are stabilized, blood triglyceride levels are lowered and a person’s risk of contracting type II diabetes and also of gaining weight around the middle is measurably reduced[1].

Each DANIELE de WINTER BEAUTY SHOT sachet contains 650mg of ultra-bioavailable Meriva curcumin, which according to clinical tests is absorbed 20x better than Curcumin & Bioperine (pepper). Just in time for Christmas !!

Take one BEAUTY SHOT sachet twice a day dissolved in a small glass of water before lunch & dinner to help your stay slim & beautiful over the festive season and beyond... and simultaneously smooth and firm your skin!

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