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Rejuvenate Your Skin with Oxygen

Oxygen is essential for healthy, beautiful skin. Increased oxygen levels result in better circulation and cellular respiration, and leave skin glowing and radiant. City life, smoking and simply getting older all lower the levels of oxygen in our skin, leading to a dull complexion, premature wrinkles and even acne. DANIELE de WINTER’s patented ‘FIRMING SERUM’ nourishes the skin continuously with pure oxygen for at least two hours after application: Which means that you apply it before going to sleep and The FIRMING SERUM works to increase cell metabolism and the production of healthy new skin cells while you dream, allowing you to awake to a clearer, firmer, literally radiant complexion. Purifying, Clarifying, Hydrating, Firming and Anti-Wrinkle : +60% skin density and +58% skin hydration after three months. Mother Nature’s ‘at-home’ skin rejuvenation kit (In our anti-aging section).