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According to latest research published by the Center for Immunology and Infectious Disease at London's Queen Mary University, the BEAUTY SHOT ingredient Curcumin combined with a catchecin in Matcha green tea can “significantly inhibit antibiotic-resistant forms of Acinetobacter baumannii”. Acinetobacter baumannii is a very virulent and persistent bacteria that is resistant to a large number of antibiotics and therefore at the root of a large number of hospital-caught infections.

A. baumannii is responsible for nearly 20% of all hospital caught cases of Pneumonia and has also been found among many emergency medical facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan over the past decade. Open shrapnel and mortar wounds make it very easy for the bacteria to take hold and thrive.

Extremely difficult to treat conventionally, latest studies have demonstrated that this bacteria can however be defeated by a combination of Matcha Green Tea’s Epigallocatchecin and Curcumin: Working as a team, the green tea catechin disrupts the outer bacterial cell membrane allowing Curcumin to enter inside the bacterial cell and interrupt the bacteria’s cellular metabolism.

To learn that Matcha Green Tea combined with Curcumin is more effective against potentially deadly hospital superbugs than some of the most powerful antibiotics is truly exciting! Whereas antibiotics can damage healthy gut flora, suppress our immunity and put us at risk of digestive disorders such as IBS; Matcha Green Tea and Curcumin have multiple, well-documented health and beauty benefits and actually feed beneficial gut flora.


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