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To coincide with the Cannes Film Festival, here is a beauty tip designed for the Superstar in you: Some of the key foods that help keep your skin firm, clear and youthful are also very good at keeping something else clear and youthful: your brain. Omega 3 DHA and EPA Fatty Acids for example, that protect skin from dehydration and eczema also help us deal with stress, retain a sharp memory and preserve overall mental health. Deep blue Antioxidant polyphenols, found in fruits such as blueberries and blackberries actively protect skin from premature ageing - and have recently also been linked to a sharper, more powerful memory. Finally the chlorophyll found in all dark green, leafy vegetables such as spinach not only helps keep skin clear and luminous, it also has been shown to enhance mental acuity and brain power. Brains and beauty… not a bad combination if you mean to get to the top. A functional choice of (brain and) beauty foods, plus recipes can be found in Daniele de Winter’s latest book 'INSIDEOUT beauty' available online in our BEAUTY FOOD section. Bon appetit!