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In this January period of detoxes, cleanses and New Year’s resolutions, it is nice to know that there are two little ingredients that can make it all that much easier!

One of the most attractive, features of a woman’s (and man’s) body is a slim waist, creating the gorgeous, Sophia Loren hourglass figure and that fit, virile look on a man. One oil molecule can help you get there by specifically reducing visceral inflammation and helping to whittle away around the middle:

EPA Omega 3 oils from marine sources, especially when combined with natural antioxidants, are the most anti-inflammatory ingredients in nature and a daily dose of 700mg or more can visibly slim your waist by rebalancing your fatty acid levels and reducing visceral inflammation.
1. Other benefits of Omega 3 include:
- Smoother, younger looking skin: Omega 3 help replenish sebum levels and protect connective tissue from moisture loss, making skin smoother and plumper.
- Heart health: studies show that consuming Omega 3 from marine sources together with antioxidants regularly can significantly lower your risk of heart attack. (source: The Lancet 1999; 354:447-55
- A brighter, sharper brain: more than 90% of the Omega 3 in our brain is DHA, which has shown itself to be essential for healthy brain development in children and for preventing brain shrinkage and dementia in old age.
- Improved mood: by reducing systemic inflammation all over the body, including in our brain, EPA & DHA Omega 3 protect against depression.
- In fact, EPA and DHA Omega 3 are important for so many body functions they are extensively distributed throughout our body, heart and brain. Research shows there are even specific transporters in our blood-brain barrier, in the placenta (in pregnant women), and also in our liver, which transport Omega 3’s in a very precise way into the cell membranes where they belong.

It is highly recommended to always combine Omega 3 with a good dose of antioxidants to protect them against oxidation, as in people with a lack of antioxidants in their diet, Omega 3 have less than half the beneficial effect they do when combined with super-antioxidanrs like Astaxanthin. (Source: Hooper L, Thompson RL, Harrison RA, et al. Risks and benefits of omega 3 fats for mortality, cardiovascular disease, and cancer: systematic review. BMJ 2006;332:752–60)

DANIELE de WINTER's skin smoothing supplement SKINERGIE contains a therapeutic dose of 1500mg pure, concentrated Omega 3 (700mg EPA & 450mg DHA plus other Omegas) together with 6.75mg of 100% natural Astaxanthin from algae in every sachet. SKINERGIE is now on special offer: receive 21% extra FREE with every purchase!