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Watch out for 5G

There are now hundreds of scientific studies that demonstrate how harmful 4G and Wifi are for our health and above all the health of our children and babies. According to experts the womb of a pregnant mother is 20x more electrosensitive than the brain of an adult and mobile exposure can have devastating consequences for the development of a baby's brain. To illustrate this fact, pregnant women in China are required by law to wear EMF-shielding silver netting over their stomachs to protect their growing fetus from harm. As mind-blowing as that is, an increasing number of high-level studies now all agree that the damage caused by existing mobile technologies is nothing compared to the devastation to both our health and the natural world around us that will be caused by 5G. We all absolutely must to learn how to protect ourselves and our families without delay. For more info and links to studies take a look at the movie 5G Apocalypse or read: