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At a time when everyone is worrying about flu’s and viruses, here are FIVE TIPS to boost your immunity and simultaneously enhance your beauty! Synthesised from research by some of the world’s leading holistic health practitioners, they are easy and above all effective:

STEP 1: Boost your Vitamin C intake throughout the day to strengthen both your innate and adaptive immune system. High dose Vitamin C has a dramatically supportive effect on your ability to resist infections while also stimulating collagen synthesis and clarifying your complexion! Some of the best sources are berries, citrus fruits, green vegetables and DANIELE de WINTER’s BEAUTY SHOT, which is rich in the Acerola, Acai, Blackcurrant & Raspberry and contains over 200mg wholefood Vitamin C in every heaped teaspoon: BEAUTY SHOT is clinically proven to clarify skin and increase skin density by over 28% after just 2 months daily use.

STEP 2: Reduce inflammation, as less inflammation means better immunity. The nutritional anti-inflammatory superstars are Omega 3 fish oils, Curcumin, Ashwaganda, Siberian Ginseng and Ginger. These work together to improve cellular metabolism, sharpen your immune response and ‘awaken’ cellular immunity. All are contained in SKINERGIE, our super-energizing, anti-inflammatory beauty supplement. On your skin they smooth, brighten & balance your complexion and help eliminate both acne and rosacea.

STEP 3 : Supplement daily with Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 powerfully supports your immune system and reduces your risk of premature death from all causes. Vitamin D is produced by our skin in bright sunlight but Winter months – as well as a diet laced with GMO foods, pesticides and herbicides - can cause Vitamin D deficiency, thus increasing your risk of infection. Take Vitamin D3 with added Vitamin K2 twice a day to ensure you have enough. According to Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, taking Vitamin D3 combined with K2 helps ensure the D3 is metabolized correctly.

STEP 4 : Boost your nutrition with organic fruits and vegetables, grass-fed meats, eggs & seafood rich in zinc and bioavailable amino acids, as well as plenty of healthy fats from olive oil, avocados, organic butter and coconut oil. Above all garnish food liberally with raw garlic and raw ginger, as both have significant antiviral properties, can inhibit viral replication and have been found to prevent viruses from entering host cells. Lastly, cut down on refined carbohydrates and sugars. Clinical tests confirm that eating just a tsp of refined sugar suppresses immune function for 6 hours! Instead enjoy a little green stevia, raw honey or organic maple syrup.

STEP 5 : Drink plenty of pure, spring water to stay hydrated and get your beauty sleep ! Be in bed by 10pm (with both the Wifi and your mobile phone completely switched OFF) and get at least 8 or 9 hours of shuteye. Protecting yourself from the microwave radiation emitted by Wifi and Mobiles at night allows your brainwaves to slow down sufficiently to get truly deep, restful sleep, which is impossible while they are switched on, as our brainwaves mimic the frequencies emitted by these devices so cannot slow down enough to achieve deep Delta sleep). Researchers from Germany have found that a good night’s sleep measurably enhances immune function, dramatically improving your chances of resisting bugs or viruses that cross your path.