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Want to slim and tone your thighs in a matter of weeks?

Ok, the routine below is not entirely pain-free, but its quick and achieves visible results!

1. The easy bit: buy a bottle of CONTOURS DE LIANE slimming anti-cellulite oil

2. Identify some very steep steps near your home: you need at least 100 steps for this to work

3. Set your alarm 30mins earlier than usual, vigorously rub a little CONTOURS DE LIANE into your thighs, put on your gym things, drink water, head out and warm up for 5 with some very brisk walking followed by some stretches.

4. WORKOUT: Run up the steps as fast as you possibly can, take a breather at the top, trot down and repeat. If you are like me you will probably walk most of the steps for the first few days - but you will be amazed to see how quickly you improve.

5. Follow the step runs with 50 deep squats, staying down for 10 after nr 50, then shake it out.

If you have time, follow with a brisk 15 min walk or jog.

6. When home, shower, dry and then once again vigorously massage CONTOURS DE LIANE into your thighs and glutes to stimulate lymphatic drainage and speed up muscle recovery.

TAKE A BREAK every 3rd day and do upper body work or yoga instead.

I kid you not, after only 2 weeks your thighs will look visibly more toned and defined; The longer you keep it up the better - and more motivating - the results!