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Fresh air, sunshine and juicy, raw salads and fruits.. Summer is the time our skin usually looks its best! To make quite sure this is the case, here are out top Summer Beauty tips:

1. Saturate your skin with antioxidants: we love spritzing on 100% organic, 100% botanical antioxidant-loaded BRUME DU MATIN facial cleansing spritz first thing in the morning to awaken your complexion, remove last traces of sleep and nourish even the most delicate skin with protective, polyphenol antioxidants from chamomile and elderflower, leaving your skin softt, fragrant and luminous!

2. Apply a delicate layer of ENERGIE PURE, DANIELE de WINTER's signature antioxidant moisturizer that is the cream that started the brand! ENERGIE PURE is clinically proven to enhance collagen synthesis and improve skin tone and youthfulness all day while simultaneously protecting against pollution and UV damage with only 100% botanical antioxidants, providing protection equal to equivalent to SPF 10-12. The high level of botanicals in ENERGIE PURE also reduces the risk of skin blemishes and impurities, leaving your complexion clear and beautiful!

3. Nourish your body morning and night with one of our 100% botanical body oils:

CONTOURS DE LIANE slimming, cellulite-busting oil, popular among Monaco's beach goddesses for tightening and smoothing thighs while protecting against mosquitoes with a signature blend of fragrant essential oils.

FRAICHEUR DU VERGER warming, toning oil ideal after exercise to prevent aching muscles or anytime to improve circulation all over the body and sooth sore joints. According to our happy clients, FRAICHEUR DU VERGER is also very effective at soothing muscle cramps and alleviating the pain of arthritis. 100% botanical, nourishing and fragrant.

FLEURS NOCTURNES soothing, relaxing aromatherapy oil! Whether you want to pamper someone special with a soothing massage or simply relax and promote a good night's sleep, FLEURS NOCTURNES is a deliciously fragrant, 100% botanical blend of lavender, rosewood and ylang ylang that soothes the soul and lifts the spirits while deeply nourishing the skin all over your body. Glorious!