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To make your eyes sparkle...

Shotbeauté 2 magic

Nooo... we are not talking about wine (although now you mention it, we will soon...). Today we suggest you treat yourself to juicy blue and red fruit such as Blueberries, Cranberries, Raspberries and Black Grapes, all great sources of the mega-antioxidants resveratrol, proanthocyanin and anthocyanin, to protect your skin from premature aging and keep your eyes clear and sparkling. A regular intake of these beauty fruits can help keep eyes youthful, prevent corneal problems and maintain your smile at 1000watts! Good to know that DANIELE de WINTER's Shotbeauté 2 beauty drink contains these powerful, 100% natural antioxidants in concentrated, delicious form; 50ml a day is all you need...