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5 habits that Work!

Spring is the season when most of us start thinking about getting our bodies beach ready and losing the few extra pounds that may have crept up over the winter months. To tone up and drop a dress size without starving yourself, adopt these five tried and tested habits: 1. Shop smart and fill your kitchen with lots of fruits and vegetables, low fat yoghurt, quinoa, brown rice, and lean fish and white meat. Think of the 'healthy' foods you adore such as (maybe) fresh raspberries, chicken & avocado or grilled prawns and indulge in your favorite ones. 2. Get moving: run up stairs, walk, dance, go to the gym: remember, no matter how unfit you think you are, people always admire someone who gets up and gets moving: You NEVER have a reason to feel selfconscious! 3. Get at least 8 hours sleep every night. Research proves that when you sleep too little you are far more likely to crave junk food and eat simply out of fatigue instead of hunger. 4. Drink lots of water and avoid junk food as much as possible - however if you have an absolute craving...GIVE IN! Indulgence is good for the soul :) 5. Tell yourself every morning that YOU ARE FABULOUS! Many women overeat when they feel unattractive or think they are fat. You are not FAT, you are FEMALE! Put on some sexy lingerie and remember: you are Gorgeous!