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With all this wonderful warm weather ...

Vitamin C Beauty Benefits

... it’s a great time to be including lots of delicious fresh fruit in to your diet! Eating plenty of Oranges, Peaches, and Mangos – all rich in Vitamin C - will not only help to keep cold and flues at bay so you can party the summer away – it can also help to banish bruises, as if you bruise easily it may be due to a lack of Vitamin C in your diet. They are all also high in natural Carotenes, which clarify your complexion and help you tan more beautifully. Daniele de Winter’s Shotbeauté 1 includes all the aforementioned fruits, as well as Green Tea, which is key towards anti ageing and Acerola, which is one of natures most concentrated sources of Vitamin C. Starting the day with one 50ml glass of Shotbeauté 1 will pave the way towards a more fun, fabulous summer!