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Magical Herbs for Healthy Hair

Natural remedies for beautiful hair

Sunday is the day where we can invest time in ourselves to help us feel more beautiful for the coming week. For beautiful hair here are five herbs that will keep your locks luscious. Camomile leaves hair tangle free and enhances lighter colours; Lemon Balm will cleanse and stimulate your hair and scalp and is great rinse against oily hair. Rosemary is a great tool to fight against dandruff – want thicker, longer hair? Rosemary also thickens and promotes hair growth. Sage will give your tresses that gorgeous shine we are all after as well as working towards improving weak or brittle hair. Finally, Aloe Vera is a fabulous hair conditioner; it also soothes your scalp and regenerates the hair cells; Leaving you with locks that dazzle in the sun.