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Beautiful Water

Looking after yourself, and your skin

Keeping yourself hydrated is especially important now the weather is warmer. Your brain is a sensitive organ and not keeping yourself hydrated can change the concentration of your blood, leading to headaches. By the time you feel thirsty, your body may already be dehydrated, so drink regularly throughout the day and aim your total water intake to be about 2 litres. Keeping your skin hydrated is equally important; DANIELE de WINTER’s Pétales d’Eau is the perfect facial mask to use after a day in the sun. Packed full of all the essentials such as Camomile, which calms and soothes the skin, Aloe Vera, which heals and moisturises and Orange Blossom Water, which strengthens broken capillaries; all helping to prevent redness and heat rash. Combine overnight with DANIELE de WINTER’s Clair de Lune evening moisturiser for a deeper hydrating effect and let you complexion glow.