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'Fruit of the Angels'

Nature's Magical Fruit

Papaya is one of nature’s most magical fruits, packed full of health and beauty benefits. Once called the ‘fruit of the angels’ by Christopher Columbus, the delicious fruit is packed full of antioxidant nutrients such as Carotenes, Vitamin C and many B Vitamins and also minerals such as Magnesium and Fiber. Papaya is known to strengthen the immune system, promote digestive health as well as help against cold and flu; It has also been shown to help prevent cancer. The beauty benefits of this amazing fruit are also endless. It contains the enzyme Papain, which helps to dissolve dead skin and enhance cell renewal, leaving you with a clear, fresh skin tone. The antioxidants in the fruit also help prevent ageing and fine lines and can be found in DANIELE de WINTER’s L’Elixir Magic. This smooth serum not only contains Papaya with all its amazing qualities, but also Soya Proteins, which regenerates the anti-wrinkle effect on your skin and Honey, which works as a fabulous moisturiser. Use the serum daily and watch your skin become clearer, silkier and more luminous by the day.