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Delicious and Nutritious Beauty Chocolates

The ultimate blend of function and pleasure

We all feel the need to give in to our sweet tooth once in a while – and now you can do so totally guilt free! DANIELE de WINTER’s Choc Beauté are juicy Cranberries dipped in heavenly dark 80% cocoa chocolate, designed to taste and make you feel great, as well as make your skin more beautiful. Packed into these delicious chocolates you will find added Vitamin C, which encourages collagen production, and added Vitamin E, which helps retain moisture in the skin preventing dryness; you will also find numerous antioxidants (lutein, polyphenols, flavonoids) within these treats which are key in protecting skin cells from free radicals, helping to prevent ageing, giving you a fresher, more fabulous glow. Cranberries have plenty of health benefits too, the antioxidants help to protect your sight by repairing nervous cells in the retina - improving your night vision. Cranberries have also been shown to help prevent cancer, heart disease and benefit those with anaemia. What further reason do you need, treat yourself - you deserve to feel and look fabulous.