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Say Ciao to Cellulite

Magical natural oils that will help you look even more fabulous this summer!

We are now well into summer, and we all want to look our best. Yet with our swimsuit on and sunglasses at the ready, we all still worry about the dreaded C word - Cellulite. The dimply orange peel texture that seems to haunt the most of us. Well here comes another fabulous beauty product by DANIELE de WINTER to the rescue. DANIELE de WINTER's Contours De Liane anti-cellulite body oil is here to help shift stubborn fat deposits, reduce dimpling and smoothen your skin. With oils of Cypress, used to improve circulation and strengthen blood capillaries, Grapefruit oil, which relieves congested and oily skin leaving skin firmer and toned, as well as oils of Rosemary and Lemongrass, both well known for their amazing ability to combat fluid retention and encourage blood flow. Also included in this magical cocktail is Black Pepper oil; which not only improves circulation and relieves excess fluid in the body, but also contains Vitamin A and Vitamin K, which are key in smoothing imperfections out of your skin. Watch your troubles disappear, get your swimsuit on and hit the beach!