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Natural Skin Essentials

Mother Nature's purest form of beauty essentials

Diet is an important contributor to maintaining gorgeous skin; but at DANIELE de WINTER, we stick by our INSIDEOUT beauty rules. Diet takes care of your INSIDE, but what can you do from the OUTside. Your skin is your biggest organ, and it needs pampering! Essential oils are the purest form of mother nature's beauty plants and have been used for decades to aid in health and beauty care. Due to their form they are able to absorb deep into the skin, giving more noticable and longer lasting results. Essential Oils should never be applied to the skin undiluted, so watch them work their magic in DANIELE de WINTER's Foret Precieuse purifying facial oil. With oil of Carrot, which helps to balance both oily and dry complexions, heal damaged skin and reduces age spots and wrinkles. Tea Tree oil, a recognised treatment for skin conditions such as acne, it is a brilliant aid for those with oily skin and also soothes sunburn. Also included are oils of Neroli, which rejuvinates skin by regenertaing new skin cells, Niaouli oil, which acts as a decongestant for oily skin and finally oil of Petitgrain, which is known best for it's ability to clear and tone skin, clearing unsightly pimples and blemishes. Massage the wonderful Foret Precieuse oil into your skin in upward circular motions, allow to absorb for 5 minutes, then spritz with DANIELE de WINTER's Rosee toner and wipe away excess. Really want to spoil your skin - add two pumps of Foret Precieuse into a hot steaming bath for the ultimate body pamper!