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The Sunshine Vitamin!

Fall 2011's "must-have" Vitamin...

Vitamin D Is the ''little black dress'' of Fall 2011. You just have to have it!! Vitamin D, the "sunshine Vitamin," that synthesises on your skin when in the sun (WITHOUT sunscreen Ladies) has a list of fabulous health and beauty benefits that keeps getting longer. - Children whose mothers get plenty of vitamin D during pregnancy have bigger, stronger bones; In fact, for childhood bone strength, maternal vitamin D matters more than all the milk children can drink. - People who consume at least 1,000 IU of vitamin D daily lower their risks of colon, breast and ovarian cancers by up to 50%. Vitamin D improves your mood, evens your complexion, can heal psoriasis and other skin disorders and can reduce the incidence of colds and flu by a staggering 70%!! ...and finally, this adorable Vitamin can help you lose weight. What's not to love? Best food sources of Vitamin D are Salmon and other fatty fish, egg yolks and fortified soy products : Salmon omlette with Tofu anyone...?