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New Year's resolution N°2 : Walk in the fresh air

Walking Benefits

Walking outside in the fresh air is a wonderfully invigorating experience with a multitude of health and beauty benefits: Walking outdoors, particularly in nature lifts your mood and makes you feel good; Walking helps your body release endorphins, the natural feel-good chemicals produced by our brain, so going for a walk after a busy day at work can help de-stress and focus your mind. Walking in the fresh air also helps your body regulate blood pressure, reducing the risk of any heart problems. Walking is of course great for the skin as it improves oxygenation of all skin cells; giving you a healthy glow and stimulating cellular regeneration. Just being outside means you are also getting some sunshine and some much needed Vitamin D, which is essential for strong bones and a strong immune system. Just remember to apply some moisturizing UV protection - see our SUN PROTECTION section on this site - before you head out! Finally, walking only 20 minutes every day can help to increase lung capacity, improve fitness levels and help weight loss... SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?