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Neroli for Perfect Summer Skin

Orange blossom after sun mask

Neroli has wonderful regenerative properties for the skin and has been known for its beauty benefits since the 17th century, when Marie Orsini, a princess from Nerola, Italy, first used Neroli as a fragrance and facial wash. Neroli strengthens the skin and smoothes its appearance. It is great at calming skin cells after too much sun and at stimulating cell regeneration, allowing you to get back to the beach fast. This fantastic, fragrant blossom also calms irritations and balances oily skin, leading to a clearer, visibly rejuvenated complexion. DANIELE de WINTER's PETALES d'EAU soothing facial mask is composed to over 70% of pure, Neroli water, perfect as a soothing, fragrant after-sun mask.