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100% Botanical Slimming, Anti-Cellulite Body Oil
Rating: 5/5

€ 87,00

Slimming, Anti-Cellulite Body Oil
100% Botanical - Paraben free


Helps shift stubborn fat deposits, reduce dimpling and the appearance of cellulite. Moisturizing and promotes smooth skin.

Special Offer
During our February Beauty Days, every purchase of CONTOURS DE LIANE comes with a FREE Fragrant, 200ml SOIE SAUVAGE Black Grape body scrub worth €54.50 and a toning Body Massager with every purchase. Limited Edition, while stocks last!

Suggested Use
Massage morning and night into affected areas.  Use strong circular motions moving upward towards the heart.

Essential oils of Lemongrass to reduce inflammation, Cypress and Grapefruit to boost circulation and increase lymphatic drainage, Rosemary to strengthen and Black Pepper to detoxify. Working as a highly bioavailable, 100% botanical team, these ingredients stimulate a sluggish metabolism, boost lymphatic drainage and can visibly smooth and slim waist, thighs and any other problem areas if applied 2 x daily for at least 14 days.

Extra Benefit
CONTOURS DE LIANE contains natural, fat-soluble antioxidants which help protect skin against UV damage while promoting the synthesis of Vitamin D on your skin.

Naturally synthesized Vitamin D boosts immunity and reduces your risk of all types of Cancer: Sunbathing without chemical or mineral sunscreen is the best way to make sure you have enough!